The cloud

One of the prerequisites for the Cloud is virtualization. Since virtualization is the foundation of cloud computing and IT services, the first task for any company moving to a cloud-based infrastructure is to virtualize most of the environment, including the business-critical applications.

The process of preparing the IT environment for the company’s Cloud strategy should be done in several controlled steps:

Whichever implementation model you choose to use, it should be ITIL-compliant to ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud.

Many companies seek a transition period between an internally run IT environment and a pure Cloud service.

VMware vCloud or Microsoft Azure are types of hybrid cloud services that combines flexibility with security and the control that many businesses seek and demand. With a hybrid cloud service, the company can gradually and in a controlled manner migrate its services to the Cloud, thus achieving the best of both worlds.

The data center is the hub of the IT infrastructure and is the origin of many cloud solutions (internal, external or hybrid clouds).

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in data center solutions and related technologies such as virtualization. Whatever technical solutions you choose, it is important to understand the complexity and context of the different parts. Let us help and guide you in your cloud projects!

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